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ndbs9u3 11-28-2011 03:56 PM

Affiliate links on the bottom bar for Amazon ?

I am not sure if you want to include them but amazon has expanded into at least de, fr, it and es. I am also not sure if they still allow you to register once for all of the euro programs. You may want to check.

I mention this because searching for things on these sites is sometimes rewarding. Example: Beverly Hills Teens, Peter Pan and the Pirates, the whole wizard of oz anime show and other shows are available on DVD in complete sets. Of course, inclusion of English audio is hit or miss. Still, you can often find the video for many old shows!

lordsmurf 11-30-2011 11:36 AM

Thanks for thinking about the site. It's most appreciated. :)

That's how it stays funded. (Or at least in theory, that's how it works)

We have affiliate programs with all Amazon outlets, they're just not live yet. Should somebody leave a link on the site, back-end catch-all code will append the affiliate link anyway. The chat bar at the bottom of the screen has been in "beta' stage for most of this year, because it's never fully worked properly. Coincidentally, I'm working on a new chat bar today, as well as testing a "chat box" type interface for the homepage, visible only to logged-in CPS members. So we'll have private and public chat.

We have affiliates with several stores, actually, and those need to be added for our TV show buyers.

bigk181 12-15-2011 07:24 PM

I have an Amazon link saved in my bookmarks that supports this site with everything that I buy on Amazon. I used to have an affiliate link saved to support, but I decided that this site needs the money more. :)*entries*=0

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