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wiseguy182 06-24-2010 01:07 PM

Betty White scores again!
the resurgence in Betty White's career continues as last week's premiere episode of Hot in Cleveland scored the highest ratings EVER for Tvland. This is coming fresh off the heels of Betty White delivering the highest ratings in a year and a half for Saturday Night Live. Already a popular television and movie star for decades, the 88 year old White saw a resurgence in her career begin with a Superbowl Snickers commercial. Way to go Betty!

wiseguy182 07-16-2010 01:12 AM

the accolades keep rolling in for Hot in Cleveland. It was the most watched premiere in cable tv history, and is the #1 most watched show in cable. It has already been picked up for a second season, which will being in 2011.

SavageAmusement 07-19-2010 03:16 PM

I too have been watching it- saw the first 5- and loved them!
I find some of the risque humor pushing some new boundries (which I love)


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