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SavageAmusement 08-19-2011 06:41 PM

Please help support the movie Qwerty!
My boyfriends movie is done and ready--we just need YOUR support
Please help support this!! QWERTY is nearly complete!!!

A 40 day IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to meet the Sundance Deadline! Here's what we need you to do to help us right away:

1) "Like" our facebook page!<wbr>themovie
2) Check out the indieogogo page! See the teaser trailer!<wbr>Ythemovie
3) Retweet! Repost! Tumbl! The Movie
Word-phile outcast Zoe meets her match in moody, jobless Marty. Together they tackle life, love and letters. Lots and lots of letters on little wooden tiles.

I expect all my savage traders support!!! a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a66a6 6a66a66a66a66a66a66a66

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