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SavageAmusement 09-27-2011 08:14 PM

Qwerty Support-
For those who have been asking, and following- Qwerty is done, out and produced- if anyone wants to help support its path to Sundance, please help!

Ok everyone. We had an anonymous person (if you're out there, you rock!) offer to match any donations we get in these last hours up to our goal!!! Now is the time. EVEN IF IT'S ONLY $10! I know you all have $10 to help us finish this amazing film the right way. So many people have put so much hard work into this film it's truly amazing. Please please please, if you are truly a friend of mine you will go to<wbr>ythemovie right the f' now and donate, again THE LOWEST DONATION LEVEL IS ONLY $10!!! Come on people, I'm unemployed and have a baby on the way and I have five bucks!

QWERTY-The Movie -- IndieGoGo
www.indiegogo.comAn off-beat love story about Zoe & Marty trying to carve out their place in a world full of other people - all amongst the backdrop of competitive Scrabble®

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