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lordsmurf 04-25-2012 11:55 AM

Forum Rules - FAQ - Site Usage Guides
Rules -- FAQ -- Guides on How to Use the Forum

You may scroll down the thread and read posts one by one, or you can click on the link in the list below, and go directly to the post that answers your question.

  • Be nice. Be respectful. No spamming. Use common sense.
  • No posting links to sites/auctions selling bootleg DVDs.
  • If you post nudity, there'd better be a very good reason for it. Else it'll be removed.


If you feel a certain topic has not been addressed here, please PM lordsmurf or SavageAmusement.
This list is a work in progress. Thanks! -LS

lordsmurf 04-25-2012 12:01 PM

How to Post Youtube Videos:

Alright, this is really easy. Most all forums use what is called "BBCODE" to make a lot of things work, such as bold and italics, inserting links, etc. I have added some youtube BBCODE to the forum.

For example, here is a link to a Youtube video: or

All you need is the code that comes after v= but before the &crap in the URL.
- This is not needed:
- This is what you want, the video ID: 3XsI2iGDjVg
- This is not needed: &feature=related

Now then, when you have your code, simply type this into the editor window:

... and you'll get this!

Yeah, I know, there isn't some easy button to click 2-3 times and paste the URL, but it's still more or less foolproof.

Embed away! :cool:

Some Youtube videos start with - or _ and are not alphanumeric video IDs.
For example,
-as7eth6w5 or _ser_9j5we could be an ID, so watch for those header characters.

lordsmurf 04-25-2012 12:06 PM

Why Do Accounts Get Removed / Locked?

If you're reading this, then you likely clicked the little "Why?" link next to a removed user's name.
There are several reasons why a member is removed from this site:

  • The person has requested to leave the community. We do not delete accounts, because it screws up the integrity of the entire forum, orphaning data in the process. Accounts are instead locked.
  • Assuming that the person left under amicable conditions, we can always undo this lock at their request.
Test Accounts:
  • Test accounts are locked/banned when not in use. These accounts tend to be obvious.
  • This may happen when a user has not logged onto the site in more than a year. From time to time, Site Staff will prune the member roster.
  • This can be undone if the member contacts Site Staff via email.
Invalid Email:
  • Email sent by the forum has started to bounce. This is bad for the site, so we lock those accounts.
  • An email address used by the member is suddenly sending spam. This means that their email account has been compromised. As such, we'll lock the account for the user's safety. We don't need spammers hijacking member accounts. Getting their email account hacked is bad enough.
  • Access is restored when the member contacts us, and we've confirmed his or her identity.
  • This person is a troublemaker and has been banned.
  • This person is a thief / scammer and has been banned.
  • This person cannot come back under any circumstances. Future alias accounts will be deleted, and new posts merged into the banned account.
  • This person is a worthless waste of space, both online and offline.
  • We generally only leave spam posts for the purpose of ridicule. Leaving spam posts is rarely done, and Site Staff will always remove the spammy links. Most spam accounts are simply deleted and reported to the database.

Important Note! Please do not contact Site Staff inquiring for the specific reason why an account has been removed. That is considered confidential information, and there is no legitimate need for this information outside of gossip. Only the banned member may contact Site Staff in regards to the banned accounts. If a member was banned for scamming others, that will already be posted to the site.

Thanks for understanding. [8]

lordsmurf 04-25-2012 12:31 PM

3 Attachment(s)
How to Attach Images/Files to Posts

How to Attach Files

If your file is less than 16MB in size, you may attach a RAR or ZIP, as needed, to posts. Only TVP Members and Site Staff have this ability, not normal Members.

Do not do "the paperclip" on non-image attachments (ZIP, RAR, etc). We want those to appear in the attachment box, not as an "inline" object.

How to Post Images and Photos

To avoid problems viewing photos, please upload your images to this site. Don't link to free accounts elsewhere (Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack, etc), or to other sites. Images put on free sites can expire or be deleted by the host, and posts made here may become confusing if the illustrations go missing.

When you make a new post, or reply to a post, use the advanced editor. All members have the ability to attach images to posts.

STEP 1: To upload images, simply click on the MANAGE ATTACHMENTS button

Attachment 1410

STEP 2: A new window will pop up, and you can browse to the image that you need to upload, and then hit the upload button. A few seconds later, the file will appear as a "current attachment", and you can close the window.

Attachment 1411

STEP 3: To insert a photo into the post, click on the paperclip drop-down arrow in the full editor, and a list of attached images will show up. Click on the image you want to show. It will show up in the editor as a number, surround by "attach" tags.

Attachment 1412

NOTE: Please use JPEGs or GIFs (or PNGs) -- no BMPs -- and have them sized no wider than 850 pixels across!

And again, the "paperclip" is only done on image files, to show them in a post. You don't do the paperclip on non-image files (ZIP, RAR, etc).

lordsmurf 04-25-2012 01:28 PM

How to Become a Verified Member?

New members and visitors to this site will notice that the "Preservation Society" forums have restricted access. Due to the number of scammers that attempt to infest sites with buy/sell/trade areas, new members must be prescreened and manually approved.

There are two member levels on this forum: (1) Member, and (2) Verified Member.
- Members have limited access.
- Verified Members have full access to all forums.

You'll need to PM lordsmurf with the following information:
  1. Your real name.
  2. Your city/state/country.
  3. Any alternate email addresses or usernames you may use online.
  4. If available: Links to any eBay, iOffer, Amazon or similar merchant sites where you may have feedback.
  5. If available: The name of somebody that you know here. (If you were referred here by somebody, then he/she should also post notice in the feedback forum. Please remind this person to do this -- we don't want to have to chase them down for your referral.)
We do verify this information, so don't waste our/your time by submitting fake BS.

There are some great people here that help each other locate rare TV shows, DVDs, toys, action figures, games, etc, but it needs to remain a safe environment. There are a lot of scammers out there who claim to have tempting items, then steal money or traded items. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, not abusive.

It may take a week or two to get new members approved. Remember that this is just a hobby.

Thanks for understanding our security policies. :cool:

lordsmurf 11-08-2012 06:36 PM

IP Address Banned

If you were attempting to register for the site, and have instead reached this message, then your IP range has been banned. This is due to excessive abuse patterns — spam, hacking attempts, DoS-like behavior, etc — from your geographic region.

Realize that it's not our fault that we've had to block these IP ranges — it's the fault of your own neighbors (locations in China, India, Pakistan, Russia, eastern bloc Europe, the continent of Africa, and USA based hosting/proxy networks). While we realize these locations are inhabited by many wonderful people, there is unfortunately also a high concentration of spammers and network abusers located there.

Manual Forum Registration

Legitimate users wishing to become a member of the forum may contact us using the contact form. Follow the instructions:
  • Select the option: "Registration problem."
  • Please give your desired username, a valid email address, and a complex password.
  • Reply to the confirmation email.
  • And understand that this manual process may take a few days. It's not instant.
Thanks for understanding our site policies. :)

lordsmurf 01-01-2014 01:13 PM

Why Can't I Edit My Posts?

You can ... but only for 24 hours. :)

After that, only Site Staff can edit posts. (And unless it's a REALLY good reason, DO NOT bother us! There is rarely a good reason to edit posts! For example, nobody cares about typos.)

- If you want to add more to the conversation, then make a new post to add more.
- If you want to make correction/updates/etc, then make a new post with the corrections/updates/etc.
- If you have a "list", and want to "update" it, feel free to just make a new thread.

Why The Rule Exists

We had an issue with people "deleting" their old posts some years back. That is, editing the post with "..................." thereby destroying the whole conversation. That pissed me off. That ruins the entire point of a forum.

Forums (aka bulletin boards) archive conversations for searching, and for future members. These were the original "social media" and have helped people find what they need for decades. By comparison, chat (and even "private messages" on a forum) are selfish methods of online communication. The chat (public or private) isn't archived, and the non-public PM is deleted. However, this is a forum, not a PM, not chat.

If permissions were more granular on forums, I'd give permissions to edit certain threads only, or in certain forums only. Same for the ability to self-lock threads. But it's an all-or-nothing choice, so it needs to be nothing.

Don't Ask/Demand/Threaten

About once per month, somebody emails me at one of the forums that I mod/admin, asking or even demanding their old posts be deleted, often with "privacy" give as the reason. That's a stupid generic reason that means nothing, and I ignore such requests. I could understand a thread or two needing removal. For example, posting something rude because you had a bad day. But everything? Nope, not happening.

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