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  05-11-2012, 06:54 PM
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So Mr. Burton has taken on Dark Shadows...

Is it just me, or should someone take away his creative license? And I say that loosely since apparently all he does is redo, old ideas.
Willy Wonka, I thought was tragic.
Sleepy Hollow, I wasn't a fan-
Alice in Wonderland I walked out of..
But Dark Shadows?

Really am I the only one who is bothered by his butchering?

I know movies are redone all the time- being a horror fan, I see it every week- Prom Night, Carrie, Halloween, the Fog..the list is endless-
but these aren't redone, adding new features, adding new effects- these are just..crappy renditions.

I have seen Johnny Depp in some fantastic films...I don't doubt his ability to act.
But why he feels loyal to Burtons tragedies stuns me.

pardon me for speaking out of turn for fans of either...I am sure my opinion may be opposed but.....I can't help speaking up.
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