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SavageAmusement 06-16-2013 03:49 PM

Why the Girls of Game of Thrones Are So Awesome
Now that Game of Thrones has wrapped its game-changing third season, one thing has become clearer than the dreamy blue pools Daario Naharis calls eyes: through all the brutality, death, and destruction, the women on the show are forces to be reckoned with. In fact, we think the females on Thrones are the best female characters on all of television. Here’s why: (NOTE: if you haven’t seen season three, read no further. SPOILERS abound!)

1. They’re the bravest women on TV

On GoT, it’s normal to see scenes in which female characters are often stronger (and braver) than their male counterparts. When hearing that his son Theon was held captive and being tortured, Balon Greyjoy refused any aid. His daughter Yara, however, took their speediest schooner, 50 trained killers, and went to rescue her little bro. Also, there’s Brienne of Tarth. Not only did she handily defeat the legendary (albeit weakened) Jaime Lannister in a swordfight, she totally fought a friggin bear with a wooden sword! We love that she may be the most honorable character left, and when she does things like tell a complaining Jaime he sounds “like a bloody woman,” we love her even more!

2. Two words: Daenerys Targaryen

Everyone’s favorite Dragon Madre came into her own this year, adding the phrase “breaker of chains” to her vastly growing repertoire, freeing slaves and winning hearts while learning how to lead. She has two older and wiser male advisors—to whom she doesn’t always listen. Take the scene in which Dany outsmarts and takes down slave-owner Kraznys to acquire her army of Unsullied. No one gave her that idea—that was all her. Her growth has been a constant on the show, and judging by where we last see her—hoisted atop a massive sea of grateful slaves she freed—we think her growth is only beginning!

3. Two more words: Arya Stark

Arya is unlike any other child/teenage character we’ve ever seen. Utterly fearless, she slashed and water-danced her way through season one, escaping King’s Landing when the rest of her family did not. She’s a scrappy survivor with the saddest history ever, and we might just be rooting for her most. One week, she might be trying to save someone. The next week, she’s ordering her own personal assassin, Jaqen H’ghar, to kill someone from her list of enemies—a list that just got a lot longer. Fab fact? She’s the only person to this date to make Tywin Lannister laugh. Now that’s a feat!

4. These women are usually right. The men... not so much.

When Catelyn Stark met her maker in this season’s shocking penultimate Red Wedding episode, it wasn’t before son Robb admitted that had he heeded her advice in the first place, several tragedies, including the destruction of Winterfell, would’ve been avoided. In fact, had Eddard listened to her warnings about going to King’s Landing, he might still have a head. Then, there’s the Queen of Thorns. In nearly every scene, she has bested her male counterparts, always knowing everything they know and more. The only fellow to one-up her? Tywin Lannister, and something tells us he hasn’t had the last word yet!

5. The females on GoT are extremely layered and complex.

Many fans were peeved by Michonne’s one-note representation on The Walking Dead this season. There are no one-note ladies on GoT. Take the twincestuous Cersei. She’s a totally vile human being, but there’s a sick hilarity to Lena Headey’s scenes that make her utterly enjoyable to watch (see: the season two power lesson, in which Cersei owns Littlefinger). She’s murderous, threatening peeps she’ll have them strangled in their sleep on a near-daily basis, and yet we see teeny moments of tenderness seep through when she talks about her children. Every lady on the show has her own brand of tenderness and haughtiness—even poor clueless Sansa has stood up to Joffrey a few times—and that makes for some multi-dimensional ladies (Swords are welcome in Westeros, Michonne!).

6. Even the supporting women are waaaay badass. All of Them!

Wildling Osha wields a spear and can skin rabbits as fast as Tyrion cracks jokes. Newcomer Meera Reed is better with weapons than her Greenseer brother Jojen, and it was a joy to watch her hyper-competitiveness with Osha this season. Sansa’s handmaiden (and Tyrion’s sorta gf) Shae carries a knife in her garter belt and has vowed to protect Sansa at any cost. Jon Snow’s redheaded wildling Ygritte near-fatally wounded him with her archery skills after he betrayed her. Every lady on this show can fend for herself. And that is awesome.

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