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current_events 01-01-2019 09:38 PM

Looking for Floris (1969) on Dvd
Hello, everyone! I'm on a search for a DVD set of the 1969 Dutch TV show, Floris van Rosemondt. So far, I've only found a streaming version of it on Amazon Prime, in German and without subtitles; and on a Dutch website which doesn't ship media of any kind outside either The Netherlands or Belgium. I also looked on ebay, but to no avail. Can anyone please help me find a copy of this show on DVD that can be shipped to the US? I will happily make do without any English subtitles, as long as the audio is the original Dutch.

Thank you! :D

lordsmurf 01-01-2019 09:42 PM

I can try to arrange to get it.
I have contacts in Netherlands, somebody that can act as proxy to re-mail to you.

PM me. :)

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