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From what I've read, AZO Verbatim discs are the best quality. Are they still made with the same quality in 2022?

I can buy a 100 disc spindle for ~$25 on Amazon. They're the same price for 50 discs at nearby stores. Some of the recent reviews on Amazon are critical, but I figure that I might as well buy them from there. Even if half of the discs are bad, it will matter less because of how much they cost at nearby stores. Does anyone have experience from buying discs online?

I want to burn DVD videos on them. Though VLC and other apps are good, they don't provide good playback ALL of the time like my DVD player does. Plus, I want to back them up anyway.

I think I'd be satisfied if the DVDs lasted for about 20 years I've read that jewel cases aren't ideal for archiving, but I have them. I'll stack them inside a cardboard box so they don't get light exposure. Is that a good idea?
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