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staypuftman2004 03-08-2008 11:30 AM

Mounties bust Canadian CD, DVD counterfeiter
TORONTO -- Canadian music labels said Friday that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has raided the country's biggest CD and DVD counterfeiter, Winnipeg, Manitoba-based Audiomaxxx, and made four arrests.

The Canadian Recording Industry Assn. said that the RCMP seized about 200,000 illicit CDs and pornographic DVDs and brought criminal charges against Audiomaxxx owner Raj Singh Ramgotra and three employees.

The RCMP alleges that Audiomaxxx represented Canada's largest source of pirated CD and DVD product that was routinely sold in North America, Europe and Jamaica.

The police seized five CD/DVD burning towers, each with 12 burners to produce in 10,000 CDs and DVDs a day. The raid also netted several computers and hard drives as Audiomaxxx has recently begun to make illicit digital downloads, the CRIA said.

The raid by 10 officers followed a yearlong investigation into Audiomaxxx and its pirate operation.

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