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ehbowen 01-15-2019 12:05 PM

Good Quality Episodes of Skyhawks/hot Wheels?
For the 1969-70 ABC Saturday Morning line-up, Pantomime Pictures produced two cartoon series: Sky Hawks, a very realistic (well, at least to a 6 year old!) cartoon about real-world aviation; and Hot Wheels, based on the Mattel line of toy cars. That last got ABC into trouble with the FCC, who gigged them for broadcasting "a 30 minute commercial (no comments about MOTU and other series from the '80s!)," and it was promptly pulled. Sky Hawks lasted another season in reruns before it also disappeared.

While it was cheap limited animation, the story lines (as best I can remember from nearly 50 years ago!) were quite good and I'd love to find these episodes in good quality condition. I've found a couple of episodes on YouTube, but...well, it's YouTube. Any leads on tracking down the good copies?

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