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bigk181 07-05-2010 01:02 PM

ClearPlay 747-HD Filter Menu
I made a post on about this but I didn't get a repsonse. I thought I would see if anyone here could help me.

I bought a new ClearPlay 747-HD DVD player and it was supposed to have a new filter menu with check boxes, according to and They used to show this on the listing but that link isn't working anymore. However, after I updated the firmware, the menus are the same as the menus on my other ClearPlay DVD player. I emailed ClearPlay about this and they weren't very helpful. They've been helpful about other things but not this. The most I got out of them about this was, "The settings on this player for this one are the same on a CP-427 except you will have more control." The support person then started talking about the features of the 747-HD, which wasn't very helpful. I called ClearPlay about this but the tech support guy couldn't help me. Does anyone know how to get the check boxes menu? Maybe even a hack to make the menus this way. That menu would be much better than the level of filtering menu that's currently on it.

I would also like a region free hack for the ClearPlay 747-HD DVD player.

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