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lordsmurf 08-20-2011 07:33 PM

Convert downloaded from Youtube and 3GPP to DVD to watch on TV ?

Originally Posted by jtmovies91
I have a few videos I downloaded from Youtube, and my windows movie maker will not accept the files that they are. Tech support said I needed to get a file that would convert them to windows readable file, but it didn't give any instructions on how to use it. Do you know any files I can download that will let me convert a(3GPP ) so I can put them on a DVD to watch on my tv.

Note: I'm copying/pasting some PMs into forum posts, so others can discuss and share what they know. For many things, it's best to ask on the forum, not in PMs or emails. This may be an old PM, and you may already have your answers. If nothing else, it's here for posterity, and you can feel free to add your solutions.

So, let's talk tech...

At this current date, Avidemux does a decent job of converting quite a few formats to quite a few other formats -- and with added abilities of filtering. It's sort of like an advanced version of VirtualDub in many ways (though a downgrade in others).

You can easily convert MP4 (maybe 3GP?) to MPEG-2 in Avidemux. Then author to DVD-Video in your favorite authoring program. For me, that's DVDWS2. For others, it's TMPGEnc Authoring Works (formerly DVD Author).

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