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opticalmediafan 01-07-2017 01:59 PM

Burn Speed of MDisc Media?
I bought a few units of the DVDR Verbatim MDISC and before burning them I wanted to know what is the optimal burning speed for this type of disc being that I'm going to use ImgBurn and the Lite-On drive iHAS122-14 FU, I know The max burning speed of the DVDR MDISC is 4x but I need to know if it is necessary to make a good burn for little jitter, little PIE, little PIF

Millenniata says Mdisc can be burned in 2x and 1x

lordsmurf 01-07-2017 03:32 PM

I'd try 4x first.

opticalmediafan 01-07-2017 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by lordsmurf (Post 89795)
I'd try 4x first.

4x is the maximum speed of dvdr mdisc verbatim, what I learned from you and reading on websites is that the ideal speed of burning common optical media is half the maximum speed supported but in the case of MDisc this is different? My aim is to get little jitter, little PIE, little PIF and good quality of burning

lordsmurf 01-07-2017 07:16 PM

Every rule has exceptions.

opticalmediafan 01-08-2017 03:35 AM


Originally Posted by lordsmurf (Post 89797)
Every rule has exceptions.

1 MDisc Verbatim DVDr can be burned at 4x (maximum speed) will it get good quality burning and good values of jitter, PIE, PIF, POF?

2 Does Verbatim brand use in dvdr, bluray and dvdr mdisc with some protection to prevent scratches from damaging the data layer and disc reading?

3 The plastic polycarbonate used in CD, DVD, Mdisc is a plastic that dries ressect when exposed to any UV light? If I put the disk in a room lit the polycarbonate resect and break?

opticalmediafan 01-20-2017 07:57 AM

Dvdr verbatim mdisc errors jitter, PIE, PIF, POF increase every year equal organic dvds?

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