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cp32 03-11-2017 11:19 PM

Philips 55 Inch TV Connection Issue. no Wifi?
I talked friend of mine into getting the tv which is great.
it suppose to have built in wifi but does not connect says failed-

so I had her go wirless router USB wont find it.

I m having her exchange it for better wireless-

any suggestions?

lordsmurf 06-18-2018 05:30 AM

Oops. Grandma posted, none of the kids replied. Shame! [88]

I really do hate WiFi/app/"smart" TVs. These features are a nuisance more than anything else. I much prefer to hook up a Kodi box or WDTV, and enjoy media that way.

With the way manufacturers stop supporting everything almost immediately, 6 months at most, and seeing as how services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu change their stuff every year, the feature goes obsolete in a short time. At least I can toss out a defunct box for a new one, and for under $50. Keep the TV>

Buy a TV because it has good picture and sound. ;)

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