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mwtapes 12-16-2018 06:53 AM

I Need a Replacement for Ulead
what is the best programs for making dvds from HD MP4 files
I want to put 2 videos in the best quality that can be done 2 videos per disc
all videos are 50 mins in run time and less them one GB each
I also need a program that will make GREAT looking dvd menus
I would use my ULEAD software for this but it is old it does not support mp4 file format
nero 10 will do it BUT it will only let me put one video per disc it says the file size is to large and the dvd menu templets look like trash
I have also tried many free programs but all were a waste of time
I am trying to get this done by chtistmas for someone as a gift

lordsmurf 12-16-2018 07:08 AM

MP4 cannot be burned or authored to DVD, and must first be converted.

The best all-in-one for this is ConvertXtoDVD. I still have/use version 3, but they're up to v7 now. It's payware, about $5, but the only thing that works well AND makes the whole process simple. Freeware exists, but for a more manual approach.

Nero is terrible, always has been, don't use it. It'll make a mess out of your videos.

Ulead DVDWS2 is great, but only for MPEG files, ready for DVD authoring.

mwtapes 12-16-2018 07:22 AM

I have ConvertXtoDVD 5 BUT the menu's it makes look like junk
I want to be able to make my own menus with mu own background picture used for the menu
can you give me an idea of a way to make better menus

lordsmurf 12-17-2018 02:03 AM

Then you'll need to convert each episode to MPEG with something like freeware Avidemux 2.5, which has good quality MPEG encoding. Then you can use DVDWS2, which functions fine in later Windows, just without audio preview.

mwtapes 12-17-2018 05:31 AM

how will the quality be when all is said and done after I use the 2 programs you told me about

mwtapes 12-17-2018 07:00 AM

can you tell me where to Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0
I can't find a download for it anywhere

ehbowen 01-15-2019 10:56 AM

Corel still has a version of Ulead's DVD Movie Factory, but you can get pretty much all of the same functionality, plus the ability to import and edit MP4s (granted, your quality will be better if you're using original lossless files) and burn them to DVD (or, with an $8 upgrade purchase, to Blu-Ray) if you get VideoStudio 2018. I use the Ultimate version, and I really like it. It gives you full ability to create menus, adjust your aspect ratio and output compression parameters, and you can put multiple projects (movies/episodes) on a single DVD or Blu-Ray with multi-level menus for title and scene selection. [Note: Rendering multiple projects to a single Blu-ray directly from edit mode normally ends up with a crash. If you render the projects to MPEG-2 one at a time first, though, and then put the MPEG-2 files on your Blu-ray as separate titles, it works just fine.] A trial version is available as a free download. Why not give it a spin?

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