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DVD Release: Superman cartoon (1988 Ruby-Spears )
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Ruby-Spears Superman (2009)

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Ruby-Spears Superman will include the special feature:
Corruption of the Corrupt: The Rise of LexCorp: A fascinating glimpse into the Decade of Greed, when Americans were growing more and more distrustful of corporate leadership. From the headlines of the day to the pages of Superman arose a new vision of an old villain, Lex Luthor and his conglomerate, LexCorp.
Disc 1
  1. Destroy The Defendroids/ The Adoption
  2. Fugitive From Space/ The Supermarket
  3. By The Skin of the Dragonís Teeth/At The Babysitterís
  4. Cybron Strikes/ The First Day of School
  5. The Big Scoop/ Overnight with the Scouts
  6. Triple-Play/ The Circus
  7. The Hunter/ Little Runaway
Disc 2
  1. Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorcerer of Time/ The Birthday Party
  2. Bonechill/ The Driverís License
  3. The Beast Beneath These Streets/ First Date
  4. Wildshark/ To Play or Not to Play
  5. Night of the Living Shadows/ Graduation
  6. The Last Time I Saw Earth/ Itís Superman

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