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TV actor Robert Culp, best known as a secret agent in the 1960s hit "I Spy", died on Wednesday after a fall at his home, the Los Angeles Times reported.Culp, 79, died at a local hospital where he had been rushed after hitting his head while taking a walk outside his home, the paper reported, citing a Los Angeles police spokesman.


Born at 11:16pm-PDT
Father of Joseph Culp, Joshua Culp, Jason Culp and Rachel Culp, from his marriage to Nancy Ashe.
It was widely reported that Culp would have replaced Larry Hagman as J.R. in "Dallas" (1978) if Hagman decided not to return to the series because of contract negotiations. However, Culp has stated that he was never asked to play the part of JR and was not contacted by anyone from Dallas. At the time this took place he was costarring as F.B.I. agent Bill Maxwell on ABC's Greatest American Hero. He loved the show and his role and has said that he would not have left the show even if the part had been offered to him.
He is a poker playing buddy of Hugh M. Hefner as a result, he is a frequent guest at the Playboy Mansion.
Father of Samantha Hallie Culp, from his marriage to Candace Faulkner.
Wrote a pilot script in 1964 for an espionage series to star himself, but opted for "I Spy" (1965) instead. He went on to write several episodes for "I Spy" (1965), including the first episode.
Wrote a pilot script in 1962-63 for director Sam Peckinpah called "Summer Soldiers" that was never produced.
Ex-stepfather of Fleur Morell.
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  03-25-2010, 10:12 AM
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My first thought when I heard he'd passed was, "Farewell Mr. Maxwell." As much as I enjoyed Kelly Robinson, I LOVED Bill Maxwell.

Talented man with a great legacy.
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