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  01-24-2011, 07:06 PM
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One month ago, Ted Williams was a homeless man with a "golden voice" living on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. But one chance encounter and a Youtube video gone viral launched Williams into overnight superstardom. He had an emotional reunion with his mother and even found work doing a voiceover gig for a Kraft commercial.

But going from homeless to Hollywood is no easy transition. After a fiery altercation with daughter, Williams headed to rehab after only one week of fame.

Now, less than two weeks after beginning treatment for drug and alcohol dependency at a center in Texas, Williams has left rehab against medical advice, TMZ reports.
It was TV personality and mental health expert Dr. Phil who convinced Williams, 53, to seek professional treatment for his addictions. Although Williams initially denied he'd been drining, he admitted that the rise to fame had introduced signifiant stresses into his life and had been a definite challenge.

Life coach and radio host Mel Robbins told Popeater, "Ted Williams may have a golden voice, but he's also got a rap sheet, a drug addiction, nine children he abandoned and a mother he has been estranged from for 20 years. Does everyone deserve a second chance, sure. But don't kid yourself-- you can't overcome a lifetime of bad decisions and mental health issues with a few morning show appearances."
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