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I was delighted when, recently, I discovered that a defunct website I used to visit that had an episode guide for Press Your Luck, which I consulted frequently, was saved by someone in something called a web archive I believe, so it is back in a way, just like normal.

I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell if the old jump the shark website might be available in the same manner. I heard that it was, but I did a search that didn't turn up anything. Some of you may be farmiliar with Jump the shark, the website and the term. The phrase "jump the shark" indicates the moment when the quality of a show begins to decline, coined in response to Fonzie on Happy Days literally jumping the shark, in what was an obviously fake and corny moment. The phrase is now something of a pop culture item, and applies to things other than t.v. shows. I used to visit the site frequently and alot of the comments were hilarious, and alot of shows were covered. Sadly, TV Guide, which itself had jumped the shark when it offered less television listings, bought the site and gutted it of all the comments. So TV Guide holds the dubious disctinction of having jumped the shark twice. Poop on them.

anyways, would anyone be able to tell if all of the site and its great comments have been saved? I appreciate any help. There is a knock-off site called "Bone the fish", I don't know how that phrase came about, but it's not nearly as active and I tried leaving comments a few times and it never took.

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