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  06-17-2012, 07:53 PM
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Hi! We're in need of a little direction. My daughter wants to be a colorist. Now before I go any further, I'm totally foreign to this whole field but I know that several of our members are very familiar with it so I'm coming to you for advice.

Just a little background on her. She's got 2 years of college under her belt--gen. ed.'s and liberal arts classes...2D design, 3D design, contemporary art (performance art/installation art/etc), intro to drawing, intro to figure drawing and some photography. The university that she had been going to had an art department but not illustration classes. She was accepted at Savannah School of Art and design in Savannah, GA for this fall semester but the financial demands are totally out of our league. So she's applied and has been accepted to Northern Illinois University.

So now my questions...

To be a colorist, how much and what kind of education is needed?

What classes would you recommend that she take?

Is this a feasible full time employee job or is it more of a free lance field?

There's probably 101 more questions that I should be asking but, like I said, I'm totally to this field...so any help and suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Thanks in advance!
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