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  07-03-2012, 08:57 AM
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Hey lived just a few hours away ..another great one lost.
You served Mayberry well http://news.yahoo.com/actor-andy-gri...143143238.html . !
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  07-06-2012, 02:17 PM
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It's interesting how the death of some celebrities strikes up conversations amongst strangers and near-strangers in real life. I walked over to see a neighbor about something, and out of the blue, on a topic change, he said "Hey, did you hear about Andy Griffith?" Now we're not complete strangers, but we're also not best of friends. Conversations are generally fairly direct, 2-3 topics, and we're done. This added on top of the usual chitchat.

... you can tell when a person has had an impact on others. Or at least that's my opinion.

AG will be missed.
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  07-08-2012, 12:16 PM
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Just watched the entire run of Salvage One this week following his passing. I've been working for months to acquire Salvage One stills to put together a web page, but losing Andy Griffith just kind of spurred me on to put the disks in the player. Such a shame the show didn't catch on - he was such a lovable, prickly rogue in that show - such a departure from Andy Taylor. There were rumbling in 2007 that the show was headed to DVD in 2008, but nothing came of it. Sad, as I'm sure he had some great stories to share on the making of the series.
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