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  06-01-2013, 01:37 AM
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It was only yesterday that we had the great news that StarVista Entertainment (formerly Time Life Entertainment) is at long last bringing Mama's Family back to DVD, with four releases planned to be available on September 10th: a NEW re-release of Season 1, the long-awaited Season 2, and single-disc "Best-Of" releases for each of those seasons (those are targeted at more casual fans, or for people who have heard about the show but haven't seen it yet and want to get an introductory "taste" of Mama). This info yesterday about upcoming DVDs was based entirely on pre-order listings that had been added to Amazon.com, but since that report was made three of the four listings have been temporarily removed from Amazon (Season 2 remains at the moment, be we expect it to go away as well). We're told these were all prematurely added to the big e-tailer's site, and that the studio wasn't quite ready to accept pre-orders at this time. These entries will be re-listed at Amazon, however, once the titles are formally announced, so no worries.

It gets better. Our contacts at StarVista/Time-Life have provided us with the simply incredible news that they have acquired the original broadcast masters for those first two seasons, the so-called "Joe Hamilton Cuts" of the episodes. So yes, those two seasons (the NBC-aired ones, before the show went into first-run syndication) will be the whole enchilada, with the versions of the episodes which fans have wanted for years now. But you know what? If you ARE a big fan of this show, then you are not going to want those two season set DVD packages anyway. Wait, what? Why not?

StarVista Entertainment has given us THE EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE NEWS that they will be releasing, as an online exclusive via their online store (similar to their TimeLife.com-only releases of complete series sets for Six Million Dollar Man and China Beach, and their Carol Burnett Show - Ultimate Collection set), a 6-season package of Mama's Family - The Complete Collection on DVD! Yes, that's right, you'll REALLY get it all here, with full episodes from every season. Plus fantastic extras consisting of over 10 hours of bonus material, including a newly-shot Cast Reunion with Vicki Lawrence and others! Plus StarVista is working on getting more extras for you on that big set...but the special features haven't been finalized at this time, so the studio cannot reveal the full range of their plans just yet. A ship date hasn't been scheduled either at this time, but expect The Complete Collection to be ready later this year (probably by the fall), with pre-orders being taken beginning sometime in July. Pricing and package art should be available around that time, too, so stay tuned! And start saving up, because this is the one you've been waiting for!!

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