07-12-2013, 12:06 PM
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My current guilty pleasure is Next Top Model - America, Britain and Ireland, Australia, any of them. I tripped over a single episode somewhere and two weeks later I'm bleary-eyed after hunting down about a dozen past seasons and watching every episode back to back. I seriously love it! Beautiful young girls squealing with delight when the judges like their runway poses. Dull looking farm girls brought to the big city, cleaned up, and flown to Paris to sit through world class hair and makeup, wear the most expensive gowns in the world in a catwalk show before a live audience, and attend an after party at the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe not gowns, and maybe not Paris. Perhaps lingerie, in Milan. Or bikinis in Bermuda. Or gorilla suits in Timbuktu. It all depends on the photographer's mood that day. It's fun and bright and dazzling and it makes me feel youthful and exuberant like the wide-eyed kids I'm watching, and I positively love it. No excuses, dammit! I just love it %*D

What's your guilty pleasure?
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  07-12-2013, 11:02 PM
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It was The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The show ended recently, after 5 years, and the finale was horrible. Most fans hate it. It almost would have been better had it been canceled!

What I consider a guilty pleasure is something you're embarrassed to admit to watching.

I guess now it's a toss up between Family Feud (Steve Harvey), Dallas, or The Good Wife. While the last two are in the same genre as Secret Life, I'm not embarrassed by them. Everything else I like is mainstream CBS, NBC, ABC, TNT, FX. Or cartoons. So I guess I'm guilty pleasure-less now.

If you think cartoons are embarrassing (I don't), then maybe Smurfs or Pokemon.

My college roommate used to watch soap operas. Big Mr. Macho liked soaps!
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  07-13-2013, 08:19 AM
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= What I consider a guilty pleasure is something
= you're embarrassed to admit to watching.

Bingo! Like me admitting that I like to watch beautiful young girls frolic through the fashion world

= If you think cartoons are embarrassing (I don't)

Me neither. Have you ever seen my 18 disk author of The Golden Age of Looney Toons? It's from laser and includes the episodes that were later blacklisted and not included in the DVD releases.

= then maybe Smurfs or Pokemon.

Would you believe I have never seen a single minute of a Smurfs episode? I've seen endless stills, but I don't recall ever seeing any of the actual video.

= Big Mr. Macho liked soaps!

Ha! I've watched maybe three episodes of daytime soaps in my life, and two of those were to accomodate a female on the couch next to me
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  07-13-2013, 11:53 AM
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Okay ....I have more guilty pleasures of music, I think- than shows...as I suppose watching things is lesser...but....

A few things I would probably not watch around other people...
Judge Judy...
The cases are usually realllllly dumb but..something about her, just captivates me.

Nanny 911 and/or Super Nanny (so I can say "At least my kids don't act like THAT!!)
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