01-24-2014, 02:35 PM
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In years past, I'd mostly copy fundraiser concepts from other sites, with tweaks specifically for this site.

- There have been raffles for discs and Amazon gift cards.
- I've also done "purchase windows", where if you buy something from me during X month, all proceeds go here.
- I think there was something else we did back around 2005 or 2006, but I don't remember what it was anymore.

This site is a money pit.

When it had ads, it maybe generated $5 monthly at most on average. (The ads are gone now, as AdSense was getting, as my grandma would say, "too big for its britches", making demands of site content.)

The good news is that most of the big expenses are behind us, mostly paid for by raffles of the past. But it still has some ongoing expenses, and I need to buy a few small things ($50 each or less) to help it grow.

This site has lots of content that you can't see just yet -- things I've worked in since 2011. Things that Savage and I have put together for you all to enjoy. Yes, more than just a forum! A whole site!

A few hundred would pay for it all, and cover costs for several more years. Right now, I pay for everything.

Rather than do yet another raffle, or come up with my own ideas, or even that of just Savage, Funnybook, manthing, and myself (the mods here), I want input from everybody.

- What kind of fundraiser would you like to see?
- What would tempt you to pay in $10, $20, $30, or even $50?
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  01-24-2014, 08:05 PM
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Would like to help any way I can. I'm new here and I would gladly donate some cash or whatever.
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  01-24-2014, 10:46 PM
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Here's my idea:

Allow selling on this forum (only homebrew) via paypal only. Everyone that wants to sell puts up their lists but instead of providing their paypal address to send payment, they put tvpasts paypal address. Whatever price someone charges per disc or item tvpast keeps 1/3 of it.

Say if someone charges $3.00 a disc, $1.00 from that disc will go to tvpast.

If someone orders 10 discs at $30.00 they send payment of $30.00 to tvpast and tvpast takes their cut, then sends $20.00 to the seller.

If doing a hard drive type sale, 1/3 of the total sale will go to tvpast.

This can work for anything really as long as everyone sends their payments to tvpast and not directly to the seller. If someone uploads something and asks for donations, tv past will get a cut too.

I personally don't want to sell dvds but I might consider a donation for uploading something.
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  01-25-2014, 04:17 AM
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I don't know what the total cost was for the chain reaction discs and postage, or the contests discs and postage- probably a couple hundred-
But I will be doing so for 2014 as well.

I may have some actual dvd sets still available for raffle (prizes or whatnot)
Will dig around this week and see what items I have that would be of value that someone may want to have, and the proceeds go to the site.
As well, I posted a new and updated list of my items. If I have something someone would like, I would be willing (time allowing depending on how many there are)
to copy and make some sets, or even fill a few hardrives for some cash to go to the site-

Things over here are tight with all the babies, but I have time I can offer to make some sets and or fill drives- if I don't have the time, I will make the time rather
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  01-29-2014, 01:19 PM
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One of the main reasons why I haven't done a lot of trading in recent years was because the technology for trading here is out of my realm of comfort

I'm from the old school of trading with connecting two vcrs together. I'm barely on the level of trading DVD for DVD so I just stick to wrestling discs at Crazy Max where someone else does the work and I pay a small fee for the discs. Hard drives may be the new thing and downloads, and Blu-Ray, but I'm still a generation behind just buying DVDs like I was a generation before trading VHS when everyone else was trading DVD.

That being said I always come to this site to take a gander at what's going on which I've done for years. It's one of the regular sites I visit on almost a daily basis. So I wouldn't mind contributing. No idea what the traffic is here these days, but I'd be up for contributing yearly(or monthly or whatever? just easier to remember if you do it once a year).

Purchase window sounds interesting since I missed this when it was done the last time. In a lot of ways I'm surprised this site is still here since I remember ten years ago it was a very popular site and all the personalities that used to be here haven't been here in awhile. With costs on a lot of sites what they are I'm a little surprised this site is still standing. Pleased but surprised.

I could see myself spending up to $50 if I could get a bunch of discs like I do on Crazy Max. One thing that this site has is that the quality of the video/sound is above most because a lot of people here are wizards at doing that stuff.

No idea what the most popular posts are, but I generally gravitate to the tape trading section. I also look at the top of the site with the highlights of the popular topics so there's probably a ton of stuff on this site that I'll probably never see just because I just cherry pick what I want to read.

I know I would potentially pay for some of the chain reaction stuff if it was just sent to me and that was it. I know that kinda goes away of what the chain is for, but I don't think I'm the only one would rather get the discs directly and not have to do the work of remailing the discs.

I do realize that selling discs seems to be passť to a lot here, but I can't be the only one that gets their discs that way most of the time. I realize that for most this is a lot of work, but when too "techy" stuff is offered it goes right over my head.

Like I said earlier I would definitely pay some kind of fee for continuing this site and being a member because I still enjoy coming here and would miss it if it wasn't here one day.
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