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  03-16-2018, 09:43 AM
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Does anyone know the name of a classic show with the intro (or outro?) having an office with people on typewriters (and possibly a clock)?

It was aired on TV up to 1993 during prime-time/late night. I strongly believe it was aired on Nick at Nite, but it may have been aired on another channel. I am trying to find the intro or outro (nostalgia for me).

I haven't heard that song since I was 4-5 (30 now). I would really like to find it to bring back the fond memories of my childhood (my parents would always watch it). I looked for the TV lineup, asked around, and even looked it up on YT, but no luck at all My parents don't even remember which show I am referring to.

Can anybody at least find the shows with the intro or outros (closing credits) having typewriters and possibly a clock involved? I know that it was a lady who sang the song. It was a chill, upbeat, and happy song with a soft beat. Thanks.

Update: It is NOT Press Gang in case you were wondering. It was a more classic series from a decade or 2 before the 90's when the show came out. The show still aired during the year 1993, but it seemed a lot older.
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