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  06-07-2005, 09:02 AM
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OfficeMax has almost all their media on clearance right now, at least my local store does. Most of it is crap, except for one brand.

The SPIN-X 4x media they have available is alright, good for dupes and other non-master type work (use only for stuff you can replace). The DVD-R is MBI01RG20, a media MCC helped MBI create, fairly decent, about like PRODISCF01 media. The DVD+R media is PRODISCR01 media.

So if you want a bargain on decent discs, this would be it. I bought three 25-packs for trading with. Should there be any coasters, I'll just replace discs (as any good trader should do).

For the best media, for masters, etc .. I would still use top rated discs like TY, MCC and MXL.

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