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  04-19-2012, 03:18 AM
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I just got an email on this and thought I'd share...

We've added a news item for "Carol Burnett Show, The" to the site. Here it is:

Official In-Store Sets this Fall with 1-DVD, 2-DVD, 6-DVD and Ultimate 20-DVD Titles! - 7:52 AM 4/18/2012
"The Carol Burnett Show" is officially coming to DVD in stores at long last! We're passing along the word about 4 different releases, of different sizes and configurations, along with planned extras that includes Carol and her castmates. Come get the long-awaited story at the TVShowsOnDVD News!

URL: tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=16834
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  04-19-2012, 08:41 PM
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Keep watching Amazon.com for these -- Amazon always has the best deals.

More updated info was posted...

The folks at CarolBurnettFan.com, a fansite endorsed by Carol herself, have this morning gotten the scoop on these FOUR releases that Time Life is preparing:

The Carol Burnett Show - The Ultimate Collection (20-DVD set): For the ultimate collector, this long-awaited package contains 50 episodes, along with more than 10 hours of new, never-before-seen bonus features enclosed in a creatively-designed collector's box!

The Carol Burnett Show - Carol's Favorites (6-DVD set): 18 complete, unedited episodes featuring the most popular (and hilarious) sketches and characters, including Starlet O'Hara in "Went with the Wind," The Family, Tudball & Wiggins, The Oldest Man and additional movie parodies. Guest appearances include Carl Reiner, Steve Martin, Betty White, George Carlin, Shirley MacLaine, The Jackson 5, "and many more."

The Carol Burnett Show - The Best Episodes (2-DVD set): 6 all-time classic episodes chosen by Carol Burnett.

The Carol Burnett Show - The Best Of (1-DVD release): Budget-priced single-disc release with specific sketches that are fan favorites, including "Went with the Wind," classic sketches of The Family, Tudball & Wiggins, and others!

These will all be available on Tuesday, September 25th, and again you'll be able to find them in stores as well as online! All episodes of the 25-time Emmy-winning show are hand-picked by Carol for these DVDs. They're not up for pre-order yet, so pricing isn't available at this time...nor do we have package art, either.
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