09-18-2006, 05:35 AM
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i want to get some dvd with good media id's
please let me know what you thing about these,

http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=1398 id TTH02

http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=1394 id MCC 02RG20

http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=1680 id MCC 003

http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=203 id CMC MAG. AE1/MCC 02RG20/TTG02

http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=1685 id MCC 03RG20

digital faqs said all of these media ids are good but whats the best one ?
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  09-18-2006, 06:00 AM
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Avoid overprints. Those have issues. Read the advanced guide on digitalFAQ.com
The Mirror brand is fake MCC/TDK, made by Infosmart, crappy stuff.

Datawrite Titanium Silver (8x) DVD-R would be the best choice of those 5 discs.

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