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  05-19-2007, 06:03 AM
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Has anybody else noticed the sharp decline of store-based "exclusive" extras in tv box sets or DVD releases? In 2005-2006, it was terrible, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, etc ... they all had their own extras. You had to buy the set multiple times or just pick the one you wanted.

I've not seen a store-based bonus in months.

Good riddance.

Half the time, they screwed it up. It was always such a hassle. Maybe they're just giving EVERYBODY the extras now?

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  05-19-2007, 06:37 AM
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Yeah there was a huge backlash over the Prison Break mess-up, that was basically what did them in for good. If you don't recall Prison Break S1 was supposed to come with a bonus disc at Best Buy and Target, one had the S2 premiere and one had extra scenes and interviews. The Best Buy disc ended up being the one for Target and Target got no disc whatsoever. After that happened Gord Lacey at tvshowsondvd basically wrote a huge memo on his site about how these companies need to stop this bonus disc crap and make the items standard to the dvd sets and that if they continue consumers should just boycott the releases all together because it just hurts the fans by denying them access to certain features.

Walmart is about the only people get bonus dvd's these days and those are heavily promoted and locked up in advance unlike the Target/Best Buy ones.

And thank god too, Target was just pure asses when it came to missing or incorrect bonus discs.
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