05-25-2007, 03:31 AM
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After over a decade of operation, Yahoo! Auctions is retiring. The once powerful alternative/competitor to mighty Ebay will close down on June 16, 2007. Yes, it's true that both Yahoo Auctions and Ebay have become a haven for set profiteers and scammers, but there was a time, (in the mid to late 90's) that Yahoo Auctions served as a powerful and viable alternative to Ebay. It used to be that one could list items on Yahoo Auctions for FREE, and not have to pay the high-priced fees that ebay has always charged.

Sadly, it would be around 2000-01 that Yahoo Auctions would emulate the business practices of ebay, listing fees, final value fees, ad enhancement fees, etc. Little did the (Yahoo!) management know that enacting the ebay business model would cause a nearly instantanious revolt by the majority, (and sizable) Yahoo! auctioneer community, in the form of virtually every (reputable) yahoo auctioneer abandoning the auction site.

Personally, I was at one time a heavy user of yahoo auctions, both as a buyer and a seller. Yahoo auctions is where I would begin my search for "classic Television" sets, at that time that meant that most shows (if any) were primarily available on VHS, or occasssionally VCD. But, aside from "discovering my passion" for T.V. show collecting, Yahoo auctions is where I would first meet LS, DC Custums, and Gatch72, each with the same or greater passion for collecting as my own.

But it's soon to be over, it WAS nice knowing you Yahoo! Auctions...R.I.P.

Info. : http://auctions.yahoo.com/show/us/eo...e?type=message
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  05-27-2007, 11:31 PM
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I've only used it to purchase from Yahoo Japan several times.

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