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  09-27-2011, 04:14 AM
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This was an okay police drama, with light comedy similar to CSI and NCIS. But there was no real character development, and the show didn't have any kind of major storylines. The few times characters were looked at in-depth, it mostly just made the viewer want to ask more questions.

It was something to watch during an otherwise boring summer.


Lifetime has canceled drama series The Protector.

The series, starring Ally Walker as an LAPD detective who must balance her work life with being a single parent, did not get a second-season pickup. The drama from ABC Studios, Michael Nankin and Jeffrey Bell launched in June to 1.89 million viewers in its Sunday time slot and sank to less than 1 million viewers in August when the series was moved to its current slot on Mondays at 11 p.m. Lifetime aired the remaining installments in its initial 13-episode order. The series finale aired in September. The Protector, co-starring Tisha Campbell-Martin and Miguel Ferrer, was one of two new series the female-focused cabler premiered this summer.


Notice that I've bolded the timeslot move. You know, if networks would pull their heads out of their asses, maybe they'd start to realize people don't want to play "musical timeslots" with TV shows. Put it in a slot, and then leave it there. I would imagine a majority of those 0.89 "lost" viewers had no idea the show was moved.

Not that ratings mean anything anymore, given the surge in torrents, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, TiVo and other recording/timeshifting methods. Who has time to sit at a TV for an hour, 20 of which are wasted on commercials? (Not me.)
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