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  02-01-2010, 09:38 PM
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Shout! Factory Gauging Interest In Bringing Over Japanese Transformers Series To DVD

For fans of the Japanese Transformers cartoons, specifically:
Transformers Victory
Transformers Masterforce
Transformers Headmasters
we may have something to look forward to in the future! Shout! Factory is gauging interest in bringing over Japanese Transformers series to the US, according to a post in this thread by Brian Ward of Shout! Factory:

I was actually speaking to someone about this the other day. Obviously, we have a very good relationship with Hasbro and would like to pursue additional titles from their library. Without any promises, of course, are the Takara collections something you'd like to see on DVD in the States? I have all three of Metrodome's volumes, which run the gamut of quality, in terms of both animation and all-around storytelling. So is this collection, which has never officially been available in the U.S., something most Transformers fans would like to see done right? Or is it something aimed only at the hardest core fans?

Let me know.


Here's the URL, Go and voice your opinion:

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