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  05-04-2015, 11:58 AM

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Hey everyone, I've posted on here before and had a little success finding episodes I was otherwise unable to locate. Once more, I am making a holiday-themed compilation DVD set (previously, I had a 1980s "PrimeTime" Halloween comp featuring sitcoms, dramas, etc. and a 1980s "Saturday Morning" Halloween comp featuring cartoons, kids shows, etc.). This time I'm focusing on 1990s "Saturday Morning" Halloween episodes or specials (eventually, I'll move on to Christmas but we're a ways from that yet).

At any rate, I've managed to find most of the episodes but I'm still looking for a few of them too! I was hoping that by posting here about it, someone out there might have some of the episodes I am looking for and could provide them. I'm willing to trade if need be. Anyway, here's what I'm still looking for:

Little Rosey "The Pumpkins are Gone!" (I've seen this show alternately spelled "Little Rosie") (1991)

The Chipmunks Go to the Movies "Gremlionis" (this show was the name of the final season of "Alvin & the Chipmunks" and is usually lumped in with those episodes and likely had be rerun under the "Alvin & the Chipmunks" banner. I'll take it no matter what the show is called, as I can always edit it with the original titles if need be) (1991)

Mother Goose & Grimm "The Wickedest Witch/Hotel Mutt" (1991) (I've also seen this show alternately called "Grimmy," which is what the title changed to in later seasons)

Raw Toonage "Ski Patrol/Poultrygeist/Romancing the Clone/Goofy's Guide to the Olympics" (1992) (what I'm looking for here is ONLY the Marsupilami short "Romancing the Clone." I have the other shorts & can piece the episode together...the Marsupilami short could have been rerun later as part of the Marsupilami cartoon)

Marsupilami "Mars' Problem Pachyderm/Schnookums & Meat: Night of the Living Schnookums/Mars Meets Dr. Normanstein" (1993) (what I'm looking for here in ONLY the Schnookums & Meat short "Night of the Living Schnookums." I have the other shorts & can piece the episode together. Short could have been rerun as part of the Schnookums & Meat Show cartoon)

The Pink Panther "Pink Papparazzi/Werewolf in Panther's Clothing" (1993) (This is the 1990s Pink Panther cartoon in which the character was voiced by Matt Frewer. I have the "Werewolf in Panther's Clothing" short but I need the "Pink Papparazzi" short. I found the episode on youtube but it was banned due to copyright issues but if you need the link, let me know...)

Bump in the Night "Baby Jail/Night of the Living Bread/Karaoke Cafe: Go Away & Don't Come Back" (1994) (what I'm looking for here is ONLY the "Karaoke Cafe: Go Away & Don't Come Back" segment. I have the other shorts & can piece the episode together)

The Pink Panther "Panthergeist/Pink's Pending Pink Slip" (1995) (I need both shorts here. Still the same 90s version of the show featuring Matt Frewer)

Gullah Gullah Island "Gullah Gullah Ghoul-land" (1996)

Beetleborgs Metallix "Halloween Haunted House of Horrors" (1997)

The Teddy Bears' Scare (1998 Halloween special)

Oh Yeah! Cartoons "ChalkZone in Out of Water/Earth to Obie/Mina & the Count in Ghoul's Tribunal" (1998) (what I'm needing here is ONLY the "Earth to Obie" short. I have the others & can piece the episode together)

Oh Yeah! Cartoons "ChalkZone in Secret Passages/Kid from SCHOOL/Mina & the Count in the Vampire Who Came to Dinner" (1998) (what I'm needing here is ONLY the "Kid from SCHOOL" short. I have the others & can piece the episode together)

All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series "Haunted is as Haunted Does" (1998) (I found this episode online but the audio was not properly in sync with the video and it was unwatchable. I'm hoping for a properly synced episode)

Brand Spanking New Doug "Night of the Living Dougs" (1998) (show was alternately called "Disney's Doug" in later seasons)

Oh Yeah! Cartoons "Jelly's Day in Auntie Broth's Makeover/Terry & Chris/Mina & the Count in Frankenfrog" (1999) (what I'm needing here is the "Jelly's Day in Auntie Broth's Makeover" and the "Terry & Chris" shorts. I have the other one & can piece the episode together)

Flying Rhino Junior High "Frankensidebottom" (1998)

ANY help is MUCH appreciated!
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  05-11-2015, 12:41 PM

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Anyone? Maybe just a point in the right direction?

I've since located the Gullah Gullah Island and The Teddy Bears' Scare shows but I still need all of the others...once again, ANY help is much apreciated!
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