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  10-28-2016, 11:18 AM
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I'll explain everything so pay attention closely

Overview: I have bonkers season 1-4 (banned episodes as well) 98% of it is in english. the faithful missing episodes are in russian and are a bit better quality.

What needs to be done:

- I need someone to resync russian audio with the russian video. my copies go slightly out of sync towards the end and with subtitles it makes it pretty obvious.

- I need someone to make menus (tmpencDVD is preferred but Im willing to work with whatever) I can make menus but its nothing to brag about.

- I need someone to make sure the subtitles match the russian audio (could probably be done when syncing the audio above)


a. Why bonkers? Bonkers is a great show that was shelved by disney due to its questionable nature. There were 0 dvd releases and the 4 vhs releases are just random episodes nothing rare and nothing even banned.

b. Why russian audio? why not english audio? beggers can't be choosers. Unless someone wants to step forward with the english audio episodes of what is missing by all means pm me. I can transfer tapes etc. AKA this is as good as its gonna get

c. This isn't going to be a big project, I'm looking for 2-3 people to work closely with me to finish the project. Once the project is finished the group can do whatever they'd like with the project.

d. Please don't ask to be on the list for when its done or blank trades etc. As much as I appreciate your desire to grab these shows I'd like to focus on the project in this thread.

LS NOTE: if this is in the wrong place can you move it to where it belongs?
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