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  09-23-2017, 06:15 AM
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Supposedly, once upon a time, somebody recreated the fonts from Robotech the Movie. It was done using the attached fonts, as a basis of where to start.

The RTM fonts are actually not fonts, and appear to be custom lettering, like you'd find in comic books of yesterday. For example, take the word "series". Two E's, two S's. The E and S maybe look close, but on careful inspection, you can see distinct differences. I see many, many examples of it when inspecting the RTM typeface when it appears.

The actual typeface appears to be a mix of the attached VEF font SpaceAge, and the commercial font Zarana.

Zarana was copied as OPTI-Zana and Watford, though it's not a 100% perfect clone. Zarana has all but disappeared from the internet and font lirbraries, while Zara/Watford is a common TTF.

The VEF fonts require a CAD program like EngraveLab (which has a fully-functional trial, no need to pirate it) or SignLab. Import the font, type out all the letters, and then export as vector art (like EPS).

Import the now-EPS (from VEF) into vector software like Adobe Illustrator, or directly into a font creation tool like FontLab.

The TTF can be directly opened in FontLab.

Edit as needed. It's tedious, and you'll have to edit A-Z (26 characters), a-z (26 more character), 0-9 (another 10), and any needed punctuation marks (period, question, exclamation, etc).

I was asked about the Robotech font a while back. I know how to do it, and have the source to do it with, but have zero interest in actually doing it. You have the attached sources, and the some brief instructions on how it can be done.

Get to it.

If anybody actually follows though on this project, please PM me and share.

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