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  02-10-2006, 01:45 PM
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This is the most horrible DVD release I have ever seen.

The quality is incredibly crappy. All of the video suffers from a luma over-gain error. In layman's terms, the video looks washed out and the brightness is over the top.

The audio is Spanish, English, and a few others.

The cases and discs were made with generic F4 artwork, not something that is pertinent to the style or characters of the series.

The DVD firstplay is stuffed full of "don't steal DVDs and download movies" crapola, and you have to hit menu about 2-3 times. Then it goes to an Interpol warning about copying DVDs and you cannot skip it. The menus are pitiful, but functional.

What a waste of $35.

I'm now re-authoring my own DVD set, with better menus, as well as de-hissing the audio. My may have some problems with slight digital grain, but at least the colors and brightness is correct. I re-did my case too, from an official 1978 VHS release (a few eps were released in the 80s). My set is a re-author and re-correct of some Panasonic ES20 captures made off Teletoon in 2002.

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