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  04-02-2008, 10:31 PM
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"Heroes" actor Stephen Tobolowsky has addressed the rumors that he will play Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth in Justice League Mortal. Moviehole tells us:

Tobolowsky, fresh from Florida where he's been shooting the new "Beethoven" movie, tells Moviehole that the rumour is indeed false - but he's been amused by it none the less.

"I sent all of the stories to my manager who has zero idea where the stories came from...who contacted Warners...who has no idea where the story came from", Tobolowsky, whose appeared in the films "Groundhog Day" and "Wild Hogs" says. "The studio said they don't even have a script....that they expect a draft in two MONTHS...they have not secured the super heroes yet let alone their butlers...we shall see".

If there is a Butler role available in the film, Tobolowsky seems to be interested, but at this stage, there isn't - as he says, there's not even a script yet.
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