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I'm looking for a specific episode of this old talk show that has my favorite band, Pseudo Echo as guests. May 13th 1987 to be exact. I'm working on a collection of tv appearances of the band for a blog, any help is much appreciated!
Email me at the provided email address for any questions you may have
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  03-07-2021, 04:35 PM
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I am trying to identify a television program that aired in 2013 which had a woman in a red dress vanishing in a pitch black room while moaning.The woman resembles Marilyn Monroe and she is Caucasian with blond hair.In the scene the camera is fixated on the woman and she disappears moments later.In another scene a man uses lockpicks on a keychain to unlock a door while standing next to another woman.In the next scene a man with shades gives a woman with shades a weapon and she leaves the room.In the end credits a woman is speaking and says whoever is watching us is definitely testing us.Then a man responds alright thank goodness.In the background is a city overlooking warehouse.
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