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  08-06-2008, 03:53 PM
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If you're into baseball check out http://www.BaseballGuys.com sometime.

Much like the sports fantasy football site http://Nooffseason.com it covers in-depth analysis and news in the sport, as well as provides advice and rankings for fantasy baseball players.

These folks are not amateurs, they have heavy relationships with people in the professional sports world, and have been known to scoop the likes of Sports Illustrated or ESPN .

I've always wanted to play fantasy baseball. I might do so next year.

This site, much like it's football sister nooffseason.com, are year-round sites, 365 days of news and advice, they don't stop publishing simply because the season has ended (like most other sites do).

Sorry, had to soapbox for a few minutes. Cool sites. Wanted to share.

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