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  07-24-2010, 07:35 PM
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Continued from email...

question: is it ok to buy a lcd monitor aimed at tv viewing, but use it
for my computing work?

i'm thinking, why waste 500 on a smaller computer lcd monitor, when i
can get a big sized "home use" lcd monitor?

example, the dell 2408wfp costs about 400 for a 24" lcd monitor.
whereas the KDL-40EX403, a 40" lcd monitor, costs just 550.

any ideas?
The ONLY concern I might have is the calibration. Websites, printouts, scans, etc -- the gamma curve and color accuracy might be way off with many TV LCDs. What you see on screen could be completely wrong, for non-video.

So be sure you can really get in there and tweak all kinds of settings. I don't mean the basic contrast, saturation -- but white balance, gamma, temperature, black level, etc

Run with a 1:1 pixel output, too. If the monitor is 1920x1080, then be sure your video card will output this resolution. Otherwise the display will be a bit "chunky" when using a different resolution than is native to the display. Text will not be smooth, for example, or completely pixel-sharp as it should be.

My last monitor was an Acer 22" 16x10 and only cost $140.
My last LCD TV was $450 and was only 20" 4x3.
In my experience, it's the TV sets that are far more expensive. But things may be different in UK, and I may be slightly behind the times now.
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  07-25-2010, 01:22 AM
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ta for the reply.
i will look into those things you mentioned.

no, you're not behind the times.
some computer lcd monitors are relatively cheap.
others are quite expensive.

examples: 24" acers & benq costs around 160, 175. the dell U2410 costs 460!
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