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  02-14-2011, 11:42 PM
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Very interesting article on last pg. of 12/10 Sound & Vision mag, by Ken Pohlmann. 3 main points:
1. Starting 1/1/11, Blu-Ray player manufacturers may not make new modelsl with component video analog outputs with resolution greater than SD interface (480i or 576i). Applies to all analog signals decrypted via Advanced Access Content System (AACS).
2. Beginning 1/1/14, new licensed players will not be allowed to output ANY analog content. It's HDMI output (with HDCP copy protection) or nothing.
3. Beginning 1/1/11, Blu-Ray content providers can down-rez any Blu-ray HD analog output they want to, regardless of the player's manufacture date, on a disc by disc basis, by enabling an Image Constraint Token (ICT). Whe the ICT flag is enabled, the player will disable HD over the component-video analog output and output only SD video.
This sounds like what that that guy told me a year or so ago at the PC shop at which I got my XP PC for video projects, but he and I were talking about satellite providers (DirecTV, Dish) and he swore they were going to do all of this, too. So, at least with Blu-ray, the conversion boxe that takes its component video in, and outputs it via HDMI, seem obsolete with Blu-ray. Still hope it will work with satellite, but hopes are fading...
Russell Farley
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