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  02-28-2011, 03:28 PM
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Im just recently switching over to using a mac for authoring. I really like all the features in DVD Studio more than what i was using on a PC for the past 6 years. Which was ulead DVD Workshop 2 and tmpeg dvd authoring.

The only problem im having (For Now) is that i cant make my custom buttons invisible. I have this little black shape thing in photoshop and i want to use it in DVDSP for selecting different tracks.

I thought all i had to do was just save the black shape with a transparent background in photoshop as a .psd and import it. But that didnt work.

When i change episodes it just stays black the whole time. I want something that will be invisible when it is not selected.

please help

I can send someone my little shape if they can make it a usable button that i can make invisible in dvdsp. I really need to see the layers done with a shape as a button to see how they were able to make it invisible.

i tried a few tutorials but instead of being invisible all i got was a shape that was stuck white the whole time. this is even when i put the opacity to 0 on normal.


starting around 3min is where they do the photoshop part but it just

I want to make this into a button

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