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  08-20-2011, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by battle7
I'm wanting to download the Riese: Kingdom Falling webisodes from scyfy.com but not sure how. It looks like an interesting series. I believe its only going to be 10 episodes long.
Note: I'm copying/pasting some PMs into forum posts, so others can discuss and share what they know. For many things, it's best to ask on the forum, not in PMs or emails. This may be an old PM, and you may already have your answers. If nothing else, it's here for posterity, and you can feel free to add your solutions.


I don't really know. I've not tried to date. For quite a few websites, you can
  • download videos with keepvid.com,
  • use the low-cost payware Replay Media Catcher (the best option, in my opinion!)
  • trying the freeware Firefox plugin DownloadHelper
Those are always my first go-to suggestions.

Anybody else have ideas?
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