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  08-20-2011, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by DC70
Lordsmuf, I captured and encoded 13 episodes of a TV program so that they would all fit on a DVD-9. I am using Ulead DVD Movie Factory 6 (for a particular menu) to author the DVD. I know at some point I need to split the file(s) to get them to fit onto a DVD-9. I was assuming I would be able to do this when then when I went to burn the DVD with ImgBurn, but am not able to. I get an error/pop up window in ImgBurn basically saying I'm screwed and it isn't recommended that I proceed any further. I'm doing something wrong and can't figure out what it is. Can you tell me how you author DVD-9's? Thanks for any help.
Note: I'm copying/pasting some PMs into forum posts, so others can discuss and share what they know. For many things, it's best to ask on the forum, not in PMs or emails. This may be an old PM, and you may already have your answers. If nothing else, it's here for posterity, and you can feel free to add your solutions.

Okay, down to business...

It sounds like Ulead DVD Movie Factory 6 is re-encoding your files, making them too big to fit on the DVD. If the files are compliant MPEG-2 format, for DVD-Video authoring, then maybe select another authoring program.

Then again, maybe I'm not reading the issue correctly. I'd need to know more specifics on the ImgBurn error message to know more.

I author DVD9 (dual layer, double layer) DVD+R DL with Ulead DVD Workshop 2, and then use PgcEdit to set the layer break, and finally ImgBurn to do the actual burning of the blank media. It works very well. These days, you could probably skip PgcEdit and just jump directly into ImgBurn. The biggest issue with DL burning is you need enough chapter marks near the center of your content, so that it can set the layer break somewhere.
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