08-20-2005, 01:34 PM
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I own a JVC HR-S7965EK S-VHS PAL unit, imported from UK, made in Germany. I got it last fall but was unable to use it because it kept outputting a noisy signal. The culprit was a noisy voltage converter, and in fact, something I never even needed. It polluted the video, flooding it with chroma noise.

The JVC sticker lied (said it was only 220-240V rating). The power supply unit is worldwide rated, with a 110-240V ~ 56/60Hz rating. I did not need a voltage converter. All I had to have was an adapter to convert the UK style power plug to a USA style power plug. I got one at Fry's for under $10, convert the 3-prong UK to 2-prong UK, and the 2-prong UK to 2-prong USA.

Thought I would mention it to anybody here that wants to get PAL equipment for use in the USA.

For any of you in the UK or Australia importing USA equipment, it may be the same issue. Wrong stickers, but worldwide supply. I wouldn't doubt it.

I also found a fix for the Samsung 5000W unit is to clean it with a cleaning tape when it acts badly. I don't know what this does, or why, not yet at least, but it has allowed me to play tapes in it too.

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  08-21-2005, 01:50 AM
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I had to put my Samsungg 5000W in for service - the power supply just died on me about a year ago. The repair guy replaced some capacitors after researching the unit on the web, but that still didn't fix it. Finally, he contacted Samsung tech service, and got an immediate answer that two small pieces needed to be replaced, and now the unit's back up and running.

I wonder if cleaning the heads reduces build up that contributes to the overheating this unit is famous for?
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