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  06-13-2012, 02:27 PM
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hope i'm posting under the correct sub-forum. if not, my apologies and please move post to right sub-forum. ta.

i have a m2v video file of a movie. ntsc format. runtime is 89 mins. i have the ac3 audio file for this and both can be authored or muxed and work just fine.

i got hold of a DTS audio for this movie. it was from a bluray disc.
when i played back the bluray movie, it too ran for 89 mins.

now here is the weird thing.
after extracting the DTS audio, and then simply playing that back via VLC, i get a runtime of 120 mins !

but weirder still, if i playback the m2v file in one VLC and the DTS in another VLC, the audio & video are in sync !

but the runtime clock in VLC for the DTS file seems to be running faster than the runtime clock for the m2v file in the other VLC. the DTS VLC seems to be running quicker than the m2v VLC - but the video & audio are still in sync !

so, that is my first issue: why is the DTS showing 120 mins when the movie it was taken from is only 89 mins?

next, how come when i playback the m2v & the DTS, tho they are in sync, there's a different speed of playback?

and finally, my most important issue: how do i author or mux the m2v & DTS together?

i tried using DLP2 (dvd lab pro 2) which has authored before with other DTS files. but with this one, tho it does finish authoring, on playback there is no audio.

so, anyone know anything about authoring / muxing DTS files?

all help will be much appreciated.

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