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  11-07-2012, 02:08 PM

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I need some advice on compressing a video_ts file which is currently 7.36 gb down to 4.7. Is this safe to do. I really would like to put all this data on a disc so that I could play it on my dvd player, with menus and extras intact.
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  11-11-2012, 11:27 PM
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How important is quality in the end result-

This is a PC not Mac right?

You can use DVD shrink, if it is a retail dubbing you are trying to compress, and you will have some quality loss, but nothing earth shattering.

Are you familiar with magic dvd ripper? if you have this software, feel like trading for it or buying it, I have used it before. here is a very nice walk through - images included.
The software is about 50$ you may not want to spend that - if this is a one time only thing you need to do- but it is a good program
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  11-13-2012, 03:14 AM
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you could try "convertXtodvd" - though it isn't free.

whatever you use, you will end up re-encoding the video. since you're compressing it to fit a single layer dvd (ie 4.7GB) you will have some loss of quality.

it may be that the final result is acceptable to you or it may not - your eyes are your judge.

also depends on your tv size. the bigger your tv screen the more obvious the flaws will be.

what is the dvd content?
if it is cartoons, you may get away with a high compression as cartoons are not that detailed. if it is a movie, then it is harder to compress.

the best advice is to try and see for yourself.
use the free DVDShrink initially.
see whether the final result is acceptable on your home system and to your eyes.

hope this helps.
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