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I've installed Nero 5 times but shrink still does not recognize how can I get it to pick up Nero to burn my dvds?
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  01-11-2013, 05:37 PM
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You need to add more details.

In the early days with Nero Version 4 and 5 you were able to use DVD Shrink and Nero together. In other words you Shrink your file and Automaticlly burn to disc. The Author of Shrink stopped updating the program and went to work for Nero (Ahead) and wrote Nero's Recode.
If you use Shrink, store the file on Hardrive and then burn with Nero versions 6, 7 and 8.

Otherwise Here's a long, technical explanation as to why you might NOT want to use DVDShrink and Nero together:
Basically neither DVDShrink nor Nero put 32k gap blocks between BUPs and IFOs. What that means for you is that the entire reason that BUPs exist is to provide backup info in case an IFO block gets corrupted. Putting them in the same block means that if that block goes bad, your DVD is unreadable. It's a very effective way to defeat the entire reason that BUPs exist in the first place. Thanks Nero - not.

Granted the probability of this happening (that particular block going bad) is low, but it could happen. There is no logical reason to do this. The best method to use DVDShrink, which takes more time, is to use DVDShrink, then create an ISO with PgcEdit, then burn it with ImgBurn.
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  01-18-2013, 12:35 PM
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i rip with dvd decryptor or dvdfab. then i start dvdshrink, insert blank dvd, load dvd files into shrink, then it burns dvd after file is shrunk dvd shrink burns my dvds at 99% rate. 1 coaster per 100 burned, last time using amazon dvd + r brand. my dell unit is old but shrink gets the credit
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  01-18-2013, 04:54 PM
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You can set up dvd shrink to make an ISO which will then burn a dvd with dvd decrypter. Dvdfab is the quickest but doesn't copy some retail discs. DVD Shrink is more reliable for retail discs but is a lot slower than dvdfab. DVD shrink also has problems reading homebrew dvds due to invalid navigational structures.
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i don't know enough about Nero - so cannot help you with that.

i suggest you look into ImgBurn as your dvd burning application.
it is as good a tool as any.
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