07-07-2006, 08:47 AM
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I was at my local electronics store this week looking for some blank dvds to burn on and it suddenly dawned on me how much things are starting to change and how many different forms of media are out there.

I noticed the light scribe which I actually have a burn unit for but simply have never used them. I also noticed the 8 hr dual dvd recordables. Has anyone actually used these yet ??? Any suggestions or feedbacks. It might actually be cool to take a 10 disc set and have the collection on 3-4 disc. All of the trades I done on this board have usually been with the standard 4.7 dvd. Has anyone used the dual disc. results from it ?

Very curious. It reminds be of the good ol VCD days when our cartoon set were composed of 33 cd-r's. and DVD blanks were still expensive as heck. (do you remember how long it took to make a set for someone...and what is was like when it got lost inthe mail and you had to do it ALL OVER AGAIN !!! LOL) Eventually the prices dropped and dvd media took off like wildfire.

Just thought this might be a good discussion as hopefully one day prices will drop on these newer media forms as well one day.

Thoughts, comments ???
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  07-07-2006, 09:13 AM
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Dual layer media is difficult to work with. And it does not play in as many DVD players. I use it, but sparingly. DL media is nothing more than 8.5GB (7.95 actual space) worth of disc. It cannot hold 8 hours of video without looking crunchy. I'd only put about 6 hours of video on it at most. In other words, it's a little less than double a normal DVD-R or DVD+R.

There will not be a DVD "replacement" technology for at least 10 more years. All those new Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and several others are a middle step, sort of like Laserdisc or S-VHS was (or even Beta ED or CED discs). It provides almost no new benefits, and at more than double to triple the cost.

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  07-10-2006, 11:53 PM
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Yes, but it is a good way for the manufacturers and studios and all the other "fat" cats to make more money! I'm sticking with my good ole' regular DVD for now. I'll go to DL maybe when the prices go down.
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